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V-Linker Smart Dangle

Item No.: HM-100
• Real-time mirror function, support online display videos, images, documents and more on your TV
• Project and mirror your smart device without any restrictions
• 5G V-Linker to offer the next-generation IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology
• Supports 1080p Full HD output
• Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS
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Description Trouble Shooting

Interface: HDMI 1.2A
Power Supply: 5V 2A
USB Port: Micro USB
Video output:720P/1080P
Wi-Fi Protocol: 802.11ac(5G) / 802.11n(2.4G)
Video decoder: H.264/DivX/XviD/MPEG2/MPEG4/

Q: TV is unable to display the main interface
A:  Use a 5V 2A power adapter for power supply.
     Make sure that the input source of the display device is switched to the HDMI Interface which is connected with the V-linker
Q:  Fail to play online
A:  Please check if this product is connected to the internet.
Q: Usage of  DLNA functionsPlease check if the Video Player supports DLNA functions.
A: Please check if the Video Player supports DLNA functions. 

Q: Ezmirror function doesn’t work
Please check if your mobile phone system version is Android 4.2 or higher and support Miracast function or not.
Q: Serious transmission delay
A: Please check if your network has sufficient bandwidth.
    Don’t use V-Linker in complicated Wi-Fi environment (Such as office, hotel, bridge connection of multiple routers, etc.).

Q: Cannot connect to V-Linker, but SSID is displayed on the screen.
A: Restart the phone and V-linker, and start Wi-Fi connection after V-linker completes the restarting.

Q: Why the interface is not displayed when the product is connected to a notebook
Notebook’s HDMI interface is output interface, V-linker must be connected to the display interface.