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Nightingale Full Metal Earphone

Item No.: EJ-101/EJ-102
• One-piece metal housing earphone, minimizes sound distortion and vibration
• Max magnetic speakers reproduce exact tonal quality
• Built-in mic with integrated call answer/end function
• 3.9ft tangle-free cord
• Includes a carrying pouch with replaceable ear tips S/L/M
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Description Specification
Nightingale Earphone Usage Scene: 
Nightingale isn't just for iPods or MP3 players but also for a lecture or novel listening, or take notes from a recorded business meeting, or provides a quiet and private room to enjoy a good book or album; It allows you to have conversations while on the move; Getting fit and healthy is more fun when you listen to your favourite music during your workout. Pick up Nightingale, turn up the volume, and begin your training. 

Rich Audio Performance: 
It brings you an exciting and fun listening experience with deep bass, crisp high and sweet mids; 

Machined in One Piece: 
The aluminium earphone housing makes Nightingale tough enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use. The lightweight materials bring you much more relax wearing feeling; 

Inline Microphone and Inline Remote Control: 
Easy to answer/end/reject your calls or control your music playing 

Double Silicone eartips: 
Provide even better isolation with dual domed construction, the in-ear design combined with the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out, bring you a pure sound world. The soft silicone eartips are provided in three different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) to ensure a perfect fit for everybody. Find the correct sized tips for you, a great fit results in superb sound with plenty of bass and impressive isolation, you do not need to tolerate the heavy-weight of on-ear headphones or discomfort of ear hooks 

Earphone Carrying Bag: 
Keep your earphones safe and tidy whilst out and about, in your bag or pocket 

Box Content: 
1x Nightingale Earphone 
1x Earphone Carrying Bag 
3 Pairs of Ear-buds(S,M,L)

Product ID:  889086000070
Product ID Type:  upc
Plug: φ3.5mm                                        
Driver Unit: 2*φ8.6mm
Frequency: 20-20K Hz                          
Impedance: 16ohm±15%
Sensitivity: 93±3db