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M4 Wireless Digital Speaker

Item No.: WS-401
• Built-in battery allows you to enjoy your music anywhere
• Microfiber wrapped around entire speaker and leather belt
• Kevlar speakers with integrated WOLFSON DAC digital amplifier minimizes sound distortion
• CSR Bluetooth 4.0 & Realtec Wi-Fi transfer mode
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectioon
• Muilt-room function and L/R channel
• Compatible with iOS / Android/ Mac OS / Windows
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Description Specification Trrouble Shooting

Enjoy your music from M4 wireless speaker, the Wi-Fi technology is coming!

M4 W-Fi Speaker is designed to bring you shock music by being fully compatible with all major platforms including iOS/Android/Windows/Mac OS, and support…pair with your smart device perfectly and bring you stunning music.
Even on the maximum volume, GGMM M4 built-in 10,400 mAh  high quality lithium battery can last for 8 hours of music playing at 40 Watts output. Use battery level indicator to see how much battery power is left.

GGMM M4 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
Multi-Room function can be implemented on multiple M4 Wi-Fi Speakers through GGMM Music App to make a surrounding and stereo effect. Add additional M4 Multiroom speakers to play one song in every room, or different songs in each room, all simply controlled through the GGMM M-Series Multiroom App.
You can choose to let the sound deliver from left or right channel and enjoy much more fun especially when watching 3D movies with family or friends. The BASS button allows you to release your music on mega bass like a subwoofer.
M4 is covered by handcrafted well selteced high quality microfiber leather. The inside is a high density wooden cabinet, which avoids the sound distortion and provides bright rich sound tones and excellent sound pefromace. 
M4 takes every effort in its audio performace, using unibody Kevlar speaker, greatly improved the vibration-proof ability when it comes to stronge airflow in cabinet. It offers stronger, non-colored-sound audio effect both indoor and outfoor favorably.

Channel: 2.1                                                      
Power Input: 18V 3A 
Frequency: 60-20KHZ                                        
Power Output: 40W
Distortion: ≤0.5%                                                
Bluetooth: 4.0                    
Ensitivity: ≥85dB                                                
Audio Decoder Format: MP3,WAV,WMA,AAC,ALAC,FLAC,APE
Q: Network settings can not be completed.
A: Please close the third-party application in mobile device.
    Place speaker or mobile device close to the wireless router.
    Restart and reset the mobile device and speaker.

Q: Audio output intermittent interruption or not audio.
A: Place speaker away from possible interference devices.
    Close other audio or video streaming applications in the same Wi-Fi network.
    Place speaker or mobile device close to the wireless router.

Q: Fail to set mulit-room play mode.
A: Please make sure all M-series speaker to the same Wi-Fi network by M-series App. Or re-set mulit-room in routing mode.