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E3 Wireless Smart Speaker

Item No.: ES-201
• Extremely warm and gentel design for bedroom
• Amazon Alexa Voice & Hands-Free Calling
• Play music from the cloud directly without smart phone control
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
• Dual speakers and passive rediator, bring the surging sound field
• Multi-room function and L/R channel
• Support clock and alarm functions
• Charge smart phone and tablet by the built-in USB port
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Enjoy Your Favorite Music Wirelessly

GGMM E3 is mid-size home speaker with Amazon Alexa voice service.
Add additional E3 multiroom speakers to play one song in every room, or different songs in each room, all simply controlled through the GGMM E-Series Multiroom App.
Connect up to 10 speakers to create a surround experiece.

E3 is compatible with multiple devices and systems, streaming the music from your favorite App. Easily set your favorite channels with the customizable 6 different presets by simply pressing one button of E3.
E3 has a smart USB charging port, it will intelligently identifies your devices and delivers the fastest charge up to 2.1A. E3 also has built-in LED alarm clock which can be controlled buy App. Clock supports both 12 Hr Civilian time and 24 Hr Military time.
E3 has dual 2.5'' full frequncy speakers, and 3'' bass strenghth passive radiator, it produces amazing sound to fill your room.

Channel: 2.0                                                        
Power Input: 12V 2A    
Frequency: 70-20KHz                                        
Power Output: 10W 
Distortion: ≤1%                                                  
Sensitivity: ≥85dB                                              
Audio Decoder Format: MP3,WAV,WMA,AAC,ALAC,FLAC,APE

Q: Network settings can not be completed.
A: Please close the third-party application in mobile device.
    Place speaker or mobile device close to the wireless router.
    Restart and reset the mobile device and speaker.

Q: Audio output intermittent interruption or not audio.
A: Place speaker away from possible interference devices.
    Close other audio or video streaming applications in the same Wi-Fi network.
    Place speaker or mobile device close to the wireless router.

Q: Fail to set mulit-room play mode.
A: Please make sure all E-series speaker to the same Wi-Fi network by E-series App. Or re-set mulit-room in routing mode.